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What's my lucky number?

How it works:
According to the ancient art of numerology, your name can reveal your lucky number. Using the chart, keep adding the numbers that correspond to the letters in your name until you are left with a single digit.
For example, Lucy would be a 7: L(3) + U(3) +C(3) +Y(7) = 16, then 1+ 6 = 7
Unlock the power behind your name and discover your lucky number:
Personal Style: As an ambitious and energetic dynamo you are known for your determined attitude and independent approach.
Style of Play: Winning comes easily to you and you know exactly how to get what you want! Just remember, it doesn’t always have to be about the winning, sometimes it’s about how much fun you have while you play!

Personal Style: Sensitive and considerate, your diplomacy is appreciated by all those who cross your path. Your gentle nature and relaxed approach stands you in good stead.
Style of play: Other might think of you as a laid-back sensitive type but when it comes to playing, you know that slow but sure wins the race.

Personal Style: You are an enthusiastic and optimistic go-getter and other people are drawn to your outgoing and friendly nature.
Style of Play: As a social butterfly, you enjoy playing more for the company than the competition. Make use of those great networking skills but keep your eye on the prize.

Personal Style: You have the ability to work hard, be practical and other’s often rely on your strength. Just remember, life should be about play as well as work.
Style of Play: You love a challenge, and with your strength and stamina, you know how to outlast the competition to take first place.

Personal Style: Your are a free spirit who loves adventure and new experiences. Other see you as mysterious and creative but freedom is what you crave.
Style of Play: For you, the fast-paced action and lost of excitement is the name of the game. The more bells and whistles the better

Personal Style: As a loyal and affectionate friend your enjoy helping others. Your compassion is your greatest strength.
Style of Play: Once you’ve found a game that suites your style you like to stick with it. As a successful player you know that consistency pays.

Personal Style: Your intuition serves you well. You enjoy expressing your passionate nature in creative ways and you have a very powerful imagination.
Style of Play: There are few better reasons to play than for love of the game itself, and with your passionate attitude you’re sure the hit the jackpot soon.

Personal Style: Strong, spontaneous and impulsive, you have a no holds barred attitude to life.
Style of Play: “Work hard, play hard” is your motto, and when it comes to playing you love surprises. Just make sure to look before you leap!

Personal Styles: Your tolerance and willingness to help others make you a loyal friend and sympathetic listener.
Style of play: Your quick thinking and adaptable nature stand in good stead when it comes to winning; remember to seize the opportunity and Lady Luck will find you.

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