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5 Golden Rules for Playing Slots.

Slot players know that the odds are the best. Better than any other online game available. With this in mind you might find the following rules very usefull. Use them as a guide to your next strategy and increase your chances even further.
The tips you need to know - brought to you by Albert D'Offay.
Goden Slot Rule # 1: A loss limit :
This is a necessity. Set a a maximum on how much you're willing to loose on a particular slot game befor you play at the casino. One you reach your predecided limit, stop playing on that game - no matter how close the jackpot appears to be! A limit of 60% of your session money is sensible.

Golden Slot Rule # 2: A naked pull number:
Naked pulls are spins that return on payout. Choose a naked pull number (a good average is between 7 and 14 spins) and if you hit that number of loosing bets on any game, wrap it up and look for a hotter slot.

Golden Slot Rule # 3: A system of betting:
Try the "Up the Steps" method. Start by betting two coins per spin. As soon as you get a return, increase you bet to three coins. When you hit a naked pull, go back to betting just two coins. It's easy! A loss and you start again at two coins. A win and go "Up the Steps" to a maximum of five coins where you stay as long as you get a return!

Golden Slot Rule # 4 : Only take a percentage of your bankroll to play slots.
Suppose you have $100 to play on the slots games. Try splitting your bets. For example, you could play on 10 slots with $10 each, 20 games with $5 each or 5 games with $20 each. Your money will stretch further and you'll have better chance of hitting a slot that's ripe for a big payout!

Golden Slot Rule # 5: Set a win goal
This the amount of money with which you are willing to leave a slot game. It could be in the neighborhood of 30% of your session money, but it should be determined ahead of time, so that you can shoot for something. If 30% if your goal, you need to force yourself to leave casino once you're 30% up on the money with which you started. Not that easy, but you'll end up winning more in the long run.

The Bottom Line:
Treat slot games with the same respect as blackjack or craps or any table game. Do not play slots until you have mastered and will use a predetermined betting system, as explained previously in the "Up the Steps" method. Play the slots with preset money, managed goals and a disciplined approach!

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