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How Lucky Are You?

Get the luck you deserve!
After conducting thousands of experiments and interviews, Richard Wiseman (Author of "The Luck Factor") thinks he's finally been able to decipher how luck works. And the answer is surprisingly simple: - Lucky people think, act and behave in a manner that promotes good luck in their lives. They are pure luck magnets.

Think you should be one of them? Here's a quick primer:

1) Maximise chance opportunities. In other words, seize the day.
2) Be mindful of your lucky hunches. Gut feelings and intuition are powerful forces - listen to them and develop your abilities
3) Expect good luck to happen and be optimistic.
4) Turn bad luck into good luck. Don't dwell on your misfortunes. Something good can come out of everything - you just have to take control or your situation.
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How lucky am I ?

How lucky are you? Is lady luck on your side? What is luck in any case? Just a mere coincidence of events that somehow works in your favour, or a tangible force that brings about good fortune? Answer the 10 questions below and rate your luck.
- When fortune smile apon you, be sure to smile right back!

1) A Colleague is selling raffle tickets for a charity, what do you do?
a) Buy at least 10 tickets featuring your lucky number.
b) Buy a couple, it's for a good cause after all.
c) Never quite get round to buying any.

2 The last time you went shopping you found three great shirts that:
a) Just happened to be 75% off.
b) That looked really great with your favourite pair of jeans.
c) Unfortionately they had in every size except yours.

3) How did you get your last job?
a) You were headhunted.
b) Through an old friend.
c) Through a lot of hard work!

4) The last time you received a speeding fine was:
a) Because you were racing home to tell your family about winning the lottery.
b) Last year.
c) Yesterday.

5) What's your motto?
a) Fortune favours the brave.
b) Work hard, play hard
c) Things can only get better.

6) When it comes to superstitions you:
a) Beleive a couple of lucky charms can't hurt.
b) Don't really go in for any of that stuff.
c) Are always nervous on Friday the 13th.

7) You can't watch the game this weekend because:
a) You've won tickets to the actual event .
b) You have to play in your own game .
c) Your TV is busted.

8) You've got a hundred bucks because:
a) You saved it from blowing down the street.
b) You saved it from your birthday.
c) You didn't notice it in your wallet previously.

9) While unpacking your summer wardrobe, what are you most likely to find in the pocket of a jacket ?
a) $50
b) A receipt that reminds you of a great night out.
c) An unpaid bill.

10) The last time you saw a four-leaf clover
a) You added it to your large collection
b) You smiled and put it in your pocket
c) You were in kindergarden.

A: B: C:

Lady luck is on your side:
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Right now you're on a serious winning streak! You can look forward to lots of happy coincidences and unexpected opportunities. This is the time to bet big and bet often. - Download Royal Vegas Casino Now!

Take your chances:
Like most of us, you experience some luck some of the time. Just think of every day as another opportunity for good fortune to find you. Remember, to win you have to be in the game. May the luck be with you! - Test your luck. - Download JackpotCity Casino Now!

Push your luck:
If it seems like you're on a never-ending losing streak, take heart. Studies have shown that those who always seem to be in the right place at the right time know how to create their own luck. To increase the potential for good fortune to find you, take a lucky leaf and follow these tips: Follow your instinct, always be open to new things and think positive. Expect luck and it will come to you! - Download SlotoCash Casino Now!

Get the good luck you deserve!
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