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Gambling Myths

We can all be guilty of being a little too gullible, but there's a difference between simply taking something at face value and being taken for a ride. Here is just a few gambling myths that have been busted by the experts.
The myths you need to know - some interesting facts.
Casinos will loosen or tighten slots at will :
False, according to gambling author Bill Burton. Any casino, land or online, cannot tamper with the payback percentage of a slot machine. These are preset by the manufacturer or software developer and cannot be accessed by the casino.

Dices are biased :
False...if they are casino dice. Many people think the sides with the smaller numbers will be slightly heavier than the sides with the higher numbers because of the markings. More than one gambler has tried to exploit this supposed discrepancy with little success. That bias may be the case with ordinary dice but not with casino dice. Some experts reports that the holes in a casino die are precision-drilled and the material used to make up the numbering has exactly the same density as the die itself.

The guy four seats down at the blackjack table is cramping your style :
False. Even seasoned blackjackplayers believe that one bad player at the table can ruin the natural order or the cards for everyone by making serious mistakes by the way he plays his hands. While that may be the case on the occasional hand, the converse is also true - he or she can also help you out. What you lose on the swings you can make up on the roundabout, and it could just as easily be you getting the bad deals. Besides, most experts reckon that a few bad players here and there make a little difference in the long run.

You have to be a genius to win at blackjack :.
According to a famous blackjack columnist it's all lies, but will be forgiven for thinking so. Ever since Edward Thorpe wrote the bible on how to make the odds in blackjack work for you, people assumed you need to be a mathematical prodigy or MIT professor to stack the odds in your favor. Stories of MIT students taking Vegas for a ride haven't helped either. But, regardless of whether you're and Ivy League graduate or a college dropout, it's still called "basic" strategy for a reason.

Someone else landed the jackpot you would have won :
False. Random Number Generators (RNG) operate in miliseconds and are continually cycling through numbers even when nobody is playing that particular machine. Bill Burton says that to land the jackpot you'd have to set the reels in mostion at just the right nanosecond. In fact, in the time it's taken you to read this, a typical RNG has cycled through many thousands different combination.

The Bottom Line:
Keep playing and winning. The basics online gaming still requires you to have fun! We do however recommend your have some strategy to increase the odds. Offcourse winning makes it even better! Read the 5 Golden Rules to online slots and work at a winning strategy to beat the odds even further.


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